Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Maps of the UK Across Time

From Peter Pan’s movements in Kensington back to images of imperial vanity and plans of Saxon kingdoms, maps provide fascinating routes through British history.

A map of Edenburgum Scotiae Metropolis – or Edinburgh -
produced in Cologne by Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg in 1581
The major buildings of the city are shown in profile, with no consideration for perspective. £750

 Peter Pan Map of Kensington Gardens, by Macdonald ‘Max’ Gill in 1923
Gill was an artist and graphic designer who was also responsible for the Wonderground map of London and the map mural in the first class drawing room of the Queen Mary liner. It narrates the story of Peter Pan as told in JM Barrie’s novel Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. £8,500

Cable and Wireless Great Circle Map by MacDonald ‘Max’ Gill, 1945
Gill’s objective was to show the paths of radio beams from London to the far reaches of the empire in straight lines. On this projection, transmissions to Sydney pass over Moscow correctly, whereas on a Mercator Projection map a straight line would cross Arabia. £15,000

Images: The London Map Fair

More: The Guardian

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