Wednesday, June 01, 2016

1936 Manifesto For Single Women Is Still Helpful Today

Live Alone and Like It, perhaps the greatest advice book ever published, was written by Marjorie Hillis, the editor of Vogue circa 1936. Some of it’s very 1936, some of it’s very 2016, but all of it sounds like what your favorite glamorous, well-traveled, hard-drinking aunt would tell you to do.

Perhaps her best advice is to have an elegant time:

"She has her breakfast in bed, late, leisurely, and comfortably. She lets nothing crowd out her regular weekly appointments for a shampoo, a scalp treatment, a wave, a facial, and a manicure. Two mornings a week, she spends in a health salon. … And on nights when she is very tired she has a masseuse come and give her a long, soothing massage. … At a tea recently, she entertained the guests by standing on her head. Mrs. de W. is having an elegant time."

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