Saturday, May 14, 2016

Have You Overheard People Talking About You When They Thought You Couldn't Understand?

Neatorama posted a link to a Reddit thread where people recount their travels around the world, encountering strangers who assumed that they were ignorant of their native languages. Embarrassment ensues. 

That post reminded me of this hilarious story by David Sedaris about a subway ride he took in Paris. Two American tourists mistake him for a Frenchman and, thinking he can't speak English, start talking about him. 

I also have a story to share. Mr. Nag and I were touring a winery in Banyuls-sur-Mer, France with a German couple and a guide who spoke both German and English. At the end of the tour the Germans purchased a few cases of wine. Then the woman turned to the guide and, referring to us, said "These people won't buy any wine. Canadians are too cheap." We don't speak much German but understood what they were saying. I'm still kicking myself because I didn't have a snappy comeback handy. 


Anonymous said...

Did you buy any wine?

The Nag said...

A couple of bottles. Not cases like the Germans bought. They are aperitif wines and are still sitting on our wine rack because we don't really like them.