Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Butterfly Ovaries and Cockroach Stomachs

“Chewing Stomach of Kitchen-schabe, Cockroach” (1928)
If it hadn’t been for Carl Strüwe we may have never come to appreciate the unlikely beauty of a cockroach’s stomach. This German graphic designer/photographer is widely considered the first to experiment with the potential of microphotographs as art.
Starting in 1926 with an image of a whale jawbone, Strüwe took 280 photographs through microscopes in an ongoing project he called Formen des Mikrokosmos (Forms of the Microcosmos).
“Butterfly (Red Admiral), Scales on Wing (Ala papilionis)” (1928)
Finale (1959)
A selection of these images is now on view in an exhibition at Steven Kasher Gallery.
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