Friday, April 08, 2016

The Feather On The Moon

A falcon feather has been lying on the moon's surface since Sunday, Aug. 1, 1971. Read the story of how it got there at Nosey Parker.

The post also informs us that the moon's surface is littered with all kinds of stuff: rovers, TV and still cameras, five American flags, two golf balls, 12 pairs of space boots, hammers, rakes and shovels, family photos, a Bible, a gold olive branch of peace, memorials to dead astronauts and cosmonauts, little metal soccer balls blasted to the moon by the Soviets in 1959 … and 96 bags full of garbage (called jettison bags or jett bags) that include empty space food packages and smaller bags of urine, feces and vomit (you really don't want to open these).

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