Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Savior Barbie Parodies “Voluntourism” In Africa

Barbiesavior is a satirical Instagram account started by two 20-somethings who draw on their experience volunteering in East Africa. It targets "voluntourism", an industry that sees 1.6 million people travel to third world countries each year to volunteer while on vacation. Some experts have called these efforts ineffectual or even harmful to the developing countries they are meant to help.

In one photo Barbie stands in front of a chalkboard in a run-down classroom somewhere in Africa. “It’s so sad that they don’t have enough trained teachers here. I’m not trained either, but I’m from the West,” the caption on the photo reads. In another, the plastic figurine poses in front shacks made from scrap metal and sticks: “Just taking a slumfie… Feeling so blessed.”

Started just a month ago the account has 18,000 followers.

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