Sunday, March 13, 2016

Victorian Fad of False or Artificial Calves

In Victorian times women kept themselves fully covered,with the legs and ankle covered by layers of clothing - unless they were of ill-repute, actresses, cyclists or skaters. False calves were a fad that began in the 1860s among young female skaters to improve the appearance of spindly legs. Apparently a well shaped calf obtained “the ogling glances of…many admiring spectators.” It didn’t matter “how cadaverous or ill-shapen” a woman’s calves were her deficiencies could be corrected so supply of false calves quickly outstripped demand.

Read more about the artificial calf fad here (Scroll past the index to see the article)
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Chris Tyrell Loranger said...

In Shakespeare's time, men wore wax on their calves to enhance the appearance of their legs. Men wore tights at the time. Hence Juliet's nurse telling Juliet that Mercutio is "a man of wax." ~ Chris in Vancouver