Thursday, March 03, 2016

Fukushima Five Years Later

Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Five years ago a 9.0 undersea earthquake shook Japan. The tsunami caused level 7 meltdowns at three reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant complex, resulting in the largest nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl explosion. 100,000 people were evacuated from the contaminated areas. Around 8,000 workers work on cleanup at the site daily, wearing full-body protective suits, three layers of gloves, face masks with respirators and hard hats. Getty photographer Christopher Furlong took a tour inside the disaster area, and shot stunning portraits of the employees.

Workers with new radiation contaminated water tanks.
Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Workers are still unable to enter the building because of lethal radiation levels and efforts by robots to navigate the interior have proved ineffective.
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