Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Belle Époque Germany in Color

A book from Taschen, Germany Around 1900: A Portrait in Colour, compiles 800 coloured images of turn-of-the-century Germany, picturing sites from Ludwig II’s castles in the Bavarian Alps to fancy Baltic bathing resorts. They’re rare examples of the painstaking photochrom process, a printing technique originally developed by lithographer Hans Jakob Schmid, the chief engineer at Zurich printing firm Orell Füssli & Co., that allowed black-and-white photographs to be reproduced in colour.

Hildesheim, Knochenhaueramtshaus (butchers’ guild hall) (© Collection Marc Walter)

Castle of Sigmaringen (© Collection Marc Walter)

Germanisches Nationalmuseum, historical German kitchen (image © Collection
Marc Walter, all images from ‘Germany Around 1900: A Portrait in Colour,’ courtesy of Taschen)

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