Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Secret World of Glowworm Caves

Jordan Poste spent 60 hours in the caves of New Zealand to create this gorgeous time-lapse video of glowworms.The bioluminesce happens in their tails, which glow to lure prey towards a trap of sticky threads.

Says Poste:

"While they are quite mesmerizing to watch, taking pictures of glowworms is extremely time-consuming. Exposures take 30 seconds to 30 minutes, there is a constant risk of water contaminating the lens, and the only option to avoid the crowds is to film during the night for hours on end in complete darkness. A single time-lapse sequence of 300 images with a minimum of 30 second exposure means a 10 second clip can take over 2.5 hours film – plus about an hour of setup. Despite the challenges faced throughout this process, that first night in the cave ignited a desire to create something few people have ever seen before and over the next few months would become my biggest filming challenge yet."


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