Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rare Images Of The Vietnam War From The Winning Side

Most of the images of the Vietnam war that are most familiar to us were taken by Western photographers. In the early 1990s, photojournalists Tim Page and Doug Niven started tracking down surviving Vietnamese photographers who had taken photographs from their side under very dangerous conditions. One had a dusty bag of never-printed negatives, and another had his stashed under the bathroom sink. Vo Anh Khanh still kept his pristine negatives in a U.S. ammunition case, with a bed of rice as a desiccant.

Activists meet in the Nam Can forest, wearing masks to hide their identities
from one another in case of capture and interrogation.
Image: Vo Anh Khanh/Another Vietnam/National Geographic Books 
Women haul in heavy fishing nets on the upper branch of the Mekong River, t
aking over a job usually done exclusively by men.
Image: Le Minh Truong/Another Vietnam/National Geographic Books
April 30, 1975
Combat boots litter the road on the outskirts of Saigon, abandoned by ARVN
soldiers who shed their uniforms to hide their status.
Image: Duong Thanh Phong/Another Vietnam/National Geographic Books

One hundred eighty of these unseen photos and the stories of the courageous men who made them are collected in the book Another Vietnam: Pictures of the War from the Other Side.

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