Friday, January 22, 2016

Don't forget your toothbrush (or your Shetland Pony)

Travelodge, a British hotel chain, recently released its annual list of some of the bizarre items forgotten by its guests. The list includes a bag full of prosthetic limbs, a suitcase of designer Jimmy Choo shoes, a house made out of bread and a Shetland pony named Pudding. What on earth was a pony doing in a hotel room?

Some people leave friends or relatives behind. I suspect that this is sometimes intentional - mothers-in-law can be so annoying. Another family was disappointed that their plan to ditch Mama Rosa's heave-inducing pasta sauce recipe failed yet again.

According to a survey by sex toys and dolls accounted for 30% of items that are left behind. Being a chambermaid must be a real eye opener.

Here's the list:
  • A mother in law called June
  • A Centurion card (Black American Express Card)
  • A miniature Shetland pony called Pudding
  • A Louis Vuitton wallet containing money
  • A prenuptial agreement
  • A collection of lightsabres in different colours 
  • A diamond tiara
  • A rice cooker
  • A vintage Lionel train set worth £1,200
  • A 3D model of London
  • A wedding saree worth £10,000
  • A book of stories written by a ten year by called John
  • A stamp collections that goes back to 50 years ago
  • A family secret recipe that has passed down five generations for pasta sauce 
  • A wedding proposal poem
  • A business contract between two oil companies 
  • A replica of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress
  • A set of manuals on how to fly a plane 
  • A Swarovski encrusted 5ft wedding cake
  • A suitcase of Jimmy Choo shoes 
  • A house made out of bread
  • A business contract written in Mandarin 
  • A friend called Seamus
  • A suitcase of Disney Princesses outfits 
  • A Fender Guitar
  • A collection of prosthetic legs with different shoes
  • A politician’s speech 
  • Keys to a Bentley 
  • A collection of Steiff teddy bears worth £5,000
  • Cake recipes from The Great British Bake Off TV programme
  • Children’s Range Rover car  

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