Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ask Vincent

Vincent van Gogh often dispensed advice to friends during his lifetime. The Art Institute of Chicago offers some of his wise words in a blog titled Ask Vincent in advance of the upcoming exhibition Van Gogh’s Bedrooms. The blog offers genuine quotes from Van Gogh letters in response to modern day questions.

Dear Vincent:
For many years I have rigorously followed the debates among the medical and fitness communities about what sort of diet one should follow for maximum health and well being. But now I find myself more confused than ever. First we were supposed to eat carbs, now we’re not supposed to eat carbs. Then we were supposed to eat margarine, then that changed to butter, and now it’s olive oil. A few years ago we were supposed to eat four to six small meals a day, now we’re supposed to be fasting. What’s the right answer here?
- - -

Dear Bewildered:
To my mind, there is nothing wrong with having a reasonably strong body, so make sure you feed yourself properly, and if you feel very hungry sometimes, or rather, have a good appetite, then eat well. I assure that that is what I do myself often enough, and above all used to do. Especially bread, in my opinion, my boy, and don’t be too shy about it. ‘Bread is the staff of life,’ the English say (although they like meat as well, on the whole far too much). (October 14, 1875)
Are you in need of advice? Don't worry. Van Gogh is here to help. Leave your question in the blog's comment section.



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