Friday, January 29, 2016

7 Snowdogs Popped Up Next to Statue of Hachikō - Or Did They?

photo via May_I_bite

It snowed in Tokyo for the first time this winter.  At Shibuya Station commuters found a remarkable series of snow sculptures beside the statue of Japan's famously loyal dog Hachikō.

In 1924, University of Tokyo professor Hidesaburō Ueno adopted an Akita he named Hachikō. The pup would greet his human at the Shibuya Station each day when he returned from work. In May 1925 the professor suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and passed away but Hachikō continued to wait for his human at the station for the next nine years. Locals began to feed the devoted dog during his wait and, before long, Hachikō became a national symbol of loyalty.

Did someone create 7 identical snowdogs or was it shopped from a 2014 photo of one snow sculpture? I don't know but it's so darn cute I had to post it,


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