Thursday, November 12, 2015

War Plan Red

Canadian James Sutherland Brown and his espionage cohorts
scout upstate New York for potential invasion
The 5000-mile border between Canada and the United States is often referred to as "the world's friendliest border." Did you know that that the United States once planned a full-scale invasion of Canada, and vice versa? In the 1930s the United States had a very detailed plan to invade Canada called “War Plan Red.”

But Canada was 10 years ahead of the US and had developed their own plan to invade the United States in 1920.


John Farrier said...

We're watching you, Canada. We know that you're just waiting for Lake Ontario to freeze this winter so that you can send your moose cavalry regiments across, just like in 1814.

The Nag said...

Global warming is thwarting our plan.

xoxoxoBruce said...

The US has a plan ready to go for the invasion of every country on Earth... probably some that aren't too.