Friday, October 09, 2015

Women Designing Action Figures for Girls

Female superheroes have been around almost as long as their male counterparts—Wonder Woman debuted in 1941, just three years after Superman— but they haven't evolved much beyond the buxom, overly muscular, skimpily dressed stuff of male fantasy. These toys have failed to catch the attention of little girls, who purchase just 9% of action figures and Mattel is seeking to remedy that.
Source: Mattel

The new Mattel characters, created through a partnership with Warner Bros.' DC Comics, are aimed at a 6-year-old girl and were designed by women. The DC SuperHero Girls line, which launches this spring, will include 12-inch dolls, 6-inch action figures, and gadgets such as a Batgirl utility belt. Some of the products will be unveiled for the first time this week at New York Comic Con.
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