Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ethiopia's Bottle Cap Headwear

In Southern Ethiopia, the Dassanech people who number around 60,000 are the country’s southernmost inhabitants. The only way to reach this tribe is to cross Omo river in a hollowed out trunk, a dangerous 5 minute boat ride. You often share the trunk with goats and sheep.
They do not let anything go to waste. They collect everything and bottle caps are no exception. There is an ample supply from the bars in Omorate, a dusty town where drinking beers and cokes is the only way to have fun.

The headdresses above are composed of coca cola, fanta, and beer caps. Some feature locks from China and watch bands. The goal is to build something that shines, glistens, and makes noise when they dance. (Not sure I'd like to sleep with these on though).

Read more about these bottle cap beauties by photographer Eric Lafforgue.

Via everlasting blort 

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