Sunday, September 13, 2015

The French-Canadian Stylist Behind The Cordoba Was Obsessed With Car Design DNA, Tits

Jacques S. Ostiguy, an industrial designer and professor, worked for Bombardier’s Ski-Doo division and, while a student in the ’70s, in Chrysler’s styling studios. He may have been the most eccentric French-Canadian car designer you’ve never heard of.

In March 2011, David McGee, an archivist with the Canada Science and Technology Museum, was tasked with extracting artifacts from Ostiguy's two-bedroom Montreal apartment after his death.
“My God,” McGee thought. “I’ve entered the home of a crazy person.”

Read the interesting story of the eccentric who designed the Cordoba, the car that made the phrase “soft, Corinthian leather” part of the cultural zeitgeist of the ’70s

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