Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How To Get Your Hair In A Twist

 Improbable Research magazine collects, no surprise, improbable research. It may be good or bad, important or trivial, valuable or worthless but it's all real. Who knew that one could obtain a patent for hairdressing methods?

Neatorama has featured an article from the publication entitled Angular approaches to, or with, hair by Alice Shirrell Kaswell 

To use this invention, the hair to be manipulated is first combed and separated into a number of strands and the free end of each strand is engaged with one of the leaders to be drawn into and through one of the respective guide means. Each separate hair strand is thus led into the intertwined position of its guide with respect to the other guides and their hair strands. When all of the strands to be intertwined have been led into and through their respective guides their leaders are detached from the strands and the tubes are pulled longitudinally off of the free end of each strand to leave the several hair strands intertwined in the pattern that the guides originally occupied.
More hair twisting here .

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