Monday, September 28, 2015

Bigass Gun Was Made to Shoot 100 Birds at Once

These ridiculous looking punt guns used to be common among commercial waterfowl hunters. What’s so special about this gun? It is capable of killing upwards of 50-100 birds in a single shot. The guns were mounted to small, often flat bottomed, boats known as “punts” and were used by market hunters who earned their living by bringing ducks or other waterfowl to market.Sportsmen who hunted for personal use of the killed waterfowl began advocating for hunting regulations and limits. Many U.S. states outlawed the use of punt guns by the 1860s but they are still legal in the United Kingdom, albeit under strict regulation,  and there are only a few dozen currently left in the U.K.

If these were the only guns manufactured today I suspect we would see a reduction in crime involving firearms.

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