Friday, August 28, 2015

How Worcestershire Sauce Is Made

Pharmacists John Lea and William Perrins began commercially manufacturing Worcestershire Sauce on this day in 1898, based on an Indian recipe brought to them by Lord Marcus Sandys,  an ex-governor of Bengal.

The recipe is top secret but even if I knew the exact ratio of ingredients I wouldn't want vats of decomposing onions and anchovies taking up space for years on end.

Via Dr. Caligari's Cabinet


soubriquet said...

It's pronounced "Wuster sauce". Believe me. Not any of the american versions she gave.
'Sandys', the aforementioned governor of Bengal's name is pronounced 'Sands'... Wake up at the back. if you ask for Wor-sess-ter-sheer sauce in britain, you'll be ridiculed, and dunked in a vat of rotted

The Nag said...

I too have always called it" Wuster" sauce because my family is from the British Isles.