Sunday, June 28, 2015

Baking Bad and other culinary classics

Strasbourg-based engineer and video games designer Nicolas Knepper quit his day job to become a photographer. He started to take professional promotional shots when his wife, winner of French Masterchef in 2011, opened a macaroon bakery. Knepper then began to set elaborate stories among the pastries, and in his latest series, Hollyfood, combines gastronomy with his favourite films and TV shows.

Baking Bad (Breaking Bad)“In the TV show they sell crystal meth, and we
have these pastries covered in crystal sugar, so I built a story around that.
The liquid being burned in the background is sugar."

Cereal Killer (Friday the 13th)“That’s Jason from Friday the 13th.
This is just a pun on ‘serial’and ‘cereal’. I’ve also seen that in London there’s a shop called Cereal Killer that only sells cereal…”

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