Sunday, May 24, 2015

London’s Pet Plaques And Memorials

England is known to be a nation of pet lovers. Years ago Mr. Nag and I were watching a film and I had to avert my eyes and put my hands over my ears during a scene where a dog was about to be thrown into a tub of lye. "Don't worry, the dog won't die," Mr. Nag said, "This is a British film."

So it comes as no surprise that British dogs and cats are often commemorated with plaques and memorials. Londonist has rounded up some of them.
Nipper, the famous dog from the HMV logo, has a number of memorials.
You can find a Nipper Alley in Kingston-upon-Thames, and an old memorial
plaque to his grave (sadly we don’t have a picture),
 but he’s also commemorated in this plaque on Piccadilly.
Image: Matt Brown

The tomb of boxer Tom Sayers in Highgate west cemetery includes
the sleepy likeness of his faithful dog called Lion.
Image: Matt Brown
Dr Salter’s cat, part of a group sculpture including the doctor, his wife
and daughter, can be found on the Bermondsey river front.
Parts of the sculpture were stolen by suspected metal thieves a few years back,
but have since been replaced.
Image: Roll the Dice

The Animals in War memorial on Park Lane commemorates the many animals who were unwittingly put to service during 20th century wars.

More London pet memorials here

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