Friday, May 29, 2015

Belcher Mosaic Co Stained-Glass Windows

 In the late 1800s the Belcher Mosaic Glass Company sold lovely stained-glass windows with sample designs, leaning heavily on natural motifs.
"To make its windows, the New York company assembled small pieces of glass—"not larger than one half-inch across"—into the desired pattern, arranging them around larger pieces of glass used for some of the elements of the designs. The whole mosaic was then sandwiched between two larger sheets of asbestos. The artisan poured in a liquid metal alloy, which would snake its way between the pieces and bind them together."
The Belcher Company went out of business in the late 19th century but here are some examples of their beautiful work from their 1886 catalog:

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Nimble said...

Delightful! The bird on the flowering tree with floating bubbles(?) is my fave.

The Nag said...

I'm partial to the bats.