Saturday, March 07, 2015

Scientists Have Developed Music Specifically for Cats

If your cat is unresponsive to music it might be because you've been playing the wrong songs. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin have developed music that gets cats purring. Cats showed a significant preference for and interest in species-appropriate music compared with human music. When the music tailored for the cats played, they rubbed the speakers from where the music was coming, but when the human music played, they didn't respond this way.

Listen to a few samples with your cat:
Spook's Ditty
Cozmo's Air
Rusty's Ballad


Via  HUH.


Mademoiselle Titam said...

I listened to the sample with Maïko (my cat) on my lap. She barely moved a ear. She's not deaf though, hears perfectly fine when it come to can opening. I should come up with a kitty foodcan symphony.

The Nag said...

Joyce's ears perked up at the beginning of the first song but then she rolled over and went back to sleep.