Friday, December 14, 2012

Amazing Water Art -

This takes a lot of skill! The technique is similar to that used in paper marbling.

Thanks Bruce!


Jackie/Jake said...

Thanks for dropping by and visiting.
The problem with my husband's gall bladder was it took them a year to figure out the problem. There was a wrong ultrasound last year stating he had a distorted aorta which led to a specialist at St. Mike's who said there was nothing wrong it was just "acid reflux". Then this spring when we went to emergency as he was bent over in pain they immediately assume it was his heart until I would say no they think it's acid reflux. The second time he waited over 4 hours for pain medication. Finally a doctor came in and took 1 look and she said immediately that is gall bladder and ordered an immediate thorough ultra sound which clearly showed it. After the surgery I spoke to the doctor and he said it was full of stones and he could clearly see the amount of damage the attacks had taken on the bladder.

The Nag said...

Mr. Nag has had a number of attacks but the surgeon he saw has advised against surgery at this time. I worry that he might have a more serious incident while we're traveling.