Monday, November 26, 2012

Roasts and Toasts of Christmas Past

American Thanksgiving is over. Let the festooning begin! (I plan to use this verb frequently over the coming weeks to make up for neglecting it the rest of the year.) Here are a few tips for celebrating the season in the spirit of Christmas past:

An authentic medieval Christmas begins with the appointment of a "Lord of Misrule" and a riproaring game of Blind Man's Buff. Would it be inappropriate for me to appoint myself "Lady of Misrule"? I do like the sound of that and might extend my reign well beyond the festive season.

A true Victorian Christmas includes a Christmas tree, perhaps a wild boar's head and more games.
 'Snapdragon' involved making a big pile of dried fruit, covering it in brandy then setting it alight. Then in the dark, the aim was for everyone to pick up a piece of fruit before the fire went out.
This is the perfect game for a household like mine that has a firefighter in residence. If you are not so fortunate avoid wearing flowing garments and dress the little tykes in flame retardant pyjamas when you play this one.

For more retro revelry check out the article at English Heritage .
Via Archaeology News

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