Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Take the Queen Off Our Money and Put on Stompin' Tom

The Royal Family costs taxpayers a fortune and not just British taxpayers - think about the upkeep of Rideau Hall, the 79 acre estate in the heart of Ottawa. The Royals have servants to pander to their every need, leaving them plenty of time to indulge in every kind of hanky panky you can think of. They date porn stars, dress up as Nazis, have serial affairs, hunt down helpless animals, want to be tampons. These anachronistic celebrities receive huge subsidies to run their farms and estates. What do these accidents of heredity do to earn their incredibly lavish keep? They shake a few hands and visit a few hospitals.
Given all that, I can understand why the former GG might criticize the Queen. But honestly, is this the best she can come up with?

In her book Heart Matters, Clarkson, the Queen's representative in Canada from 1999 to 2005, takes a swipe at Liz for daring to powder her privileged puss during a fancy dinner party. Clarkson was gob-smacked and insists that such a breach of etiquette would never be tolerated in Canada.
It gets worse.
In the same tell-all book Clarkson even chides the Queen Mum for using different services of china for various courses during an official sit-down dinner.

Monarchy's time has come and gone but it is not a bit of primping or some mismatched china that has brought about its demise.

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